Westhampton Beach Earth Day

Making living at the beach at little greener.

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Seventh Annual Westhampton Beach Earth Day Festival



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Where Do You Dump That Old Computer (or fax, phone, printer, etc.)

Have you ever wondered what to do with that cordless phone that doesn’t work anymore? Or how about that old computer monitor or mouse that is sitting in the garage? The fax machine you replaced with an All in One unit; where does that get dumped? 75% of discarded electronics end up in landfills each year and the number is increasing. While many states have started to implement laws on the disposal of electronic waste materials much of it is still being thrown away in the trash or incinerated. The potential for chemicals leaching into the ground water or into streams or toxins dispersed in the air are ever more prevalent now that before. Well we have an answer.Ewast Data

April 25th from 1pm – 4pm at the Village Green in Westhampton Beach, the EcoFriends PTO Collective is holding their 7th Annual Earth Day Celebration, and for the second time, offering an Ewaste disposal center courtesy of EcoTech Management.

EcoTech is a Long Island based company that specializes in recycling our old electronic items from TV’s to phones to computers to batteries and more. Check out the list below. If you don’t see something on the list that you really want to get rid of, just call Mike at EcoTech and he will give you an answer on what, where and how to recycle just about anything to do with technology…the man’s a genius!

As for what we will be collecting, or I should say EcoTech will be collecting on April 26th, see the list below. Anything worth recycling money, EcoTech will be writing a check to the EcoFriends PTO Collective so we can bring more environmentally responsible and educational programs to our schools and community. Living at the beach should be as green as we can make it. Thanks EcoTech.

What can you do to help? Well look through the house, the gararage, the shed, under the bed, anywhere you have been stashing the “crap” you want to get rid of and bring it down to the truck that will be parked on Beach Road next to the Village Green, behind the Post Office. There you will find Mike from EcoTech and he will gladly take it off your hands. Also, you can spread the word about the EWaste Program. The more “crap” we collect the better.

Here is a list of the items being collected: If you don’t see something on the list you want to get rid of, simply call (631) 567-2727 to speak with an electronics recycling expert.

  • PC Towers / Servers (Complete)
  • Laptops (Complete)
  • PC Towers/Laptops Incomplete (Multiple parts missing)
  • Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines
  • CRT
  • Televisions
  • Motherboards/PC Boards
  • High Grade Boards
  • P4 Motherboards
  • Chinese Grade Colored Motherboards
  • Hard Drive Boards
  • Mid-Grade Boards
  • Low-Grade Boards
  • Hard Drives
  • Power Supplies, with wire
  • Power Supplies, without wire
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Cell Phones (Batteries Removed)
  • Memory
  • Processors
  • Switches/Routers
  • Telephones
  • Wire (depending on copper recovery)
  • Fans
  • UPS
  • CD/Floppy Drives
  • AC Adapters (Without Wire)
  • Heat Sinks (Copper ONLY)
  • Heat Sinks (Aluminum ONLY)
  • Heat Sinks (Aluminum and Copper NOT sorted)
  • Heat Sinks (Aluminum with Copper)

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FAQ’s of E-Waste Recycling

Thanks to www.ecotechmanagement.com

Why is electronic waste (e-waste) recycling important?

Electronic waste (e-waste) includes products that are unwanted, broken or obsolete. Technology is evolving quickly, which means that electronic products are losing value every day.e-waste, electronic recycling

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States, and produces approximately 3 to 5 percent of all waste annually. Electronic recycling has the ability to change this, through the reuse and refining of electronic components to create new products.

The result is fewer raw materials harvested from the earth, reduced gas emissions, less pollution and lower energy consumption.

How does e-recycling impact the environment?

About 2.37 tons of electronic waste were produced during 2009. Electronic devices contain valuable metals, such as gold, copper and platinum. Throwing these items away results in the additional harvesting of energy and natural resources.

Improperly discarded electronics may also create a problem, with metals leaching into the ground. As a result, groundwater contamination may occur with serious implications for humans and animals.

E-recycling assists with solving this problem. It reduces greenhouse gasses and energy consumption. For example, recycling one million laptops saves the equivalent amount of energy as powering 3,657 homes annually, according to the EPA.

Why is e-waste recycling beneficial to New York businesses?

E-recycling saves New York businesses money, and allows them to turn unused items into a profit center. For example, a company might have a room full of old electronic equipment. Instead of paying for removal of these items, the company can use an e-recycler and earn compensation.

How is e-waste recycling beneficial to everyday New Yorkers?

The majority of electronics contain harmful substances, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and flame retardants. These substances are harmful to the environment and have been shown to pose human health risks if mismanaged at their end-of-life. This may include birth defects, brain, liver, heart, kidney and nervous system issues. E-recycling reduces the amount of harmful waste in the environment.