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Packing Less Waste

Did you know… that the average sized elementary school generates over 18,000 pound of trash per year?  That our school children’s lunches alone create about 3,500,000,000 pounds of garbage annually? It takes one 15 year old tree to make 700 brown paper lunch bags?  Here are 10 ideas to pack a less wasteful lunch.  Implement them as you can.plastics and cans

  1. Use a cloth napkin.
  2. Reuse disposable flatware or send re-useable flatware.
  3. Wash out plastic baggies and re-use them.
  4. Get really good re-useable containers, buy in bulk and divide.  Avoid single serving products if you can.
  5. Use a stainless steel water bottle and bring water from home.
  6. Pack it all up in a re-useable and washable lunch box or bag.
  7. Teach kids to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  8. Bake your own snack bars.  Cook more, buy less.
  9. Buy only locally grown produce.  Look for farmers markets, farms, CSV’s and other sources of local foods at Food Routes or Local Harvest.
  10. Start a school compost bin and use the compost in the school garden you are going to start next year.

So not all 10 ideas are for everyone, but if everyone just tried a little bit harder, we can improve the planet for future generations. Na na na na…. na na na na …hey hey –good bye.  But really we could.

If you have a great idea for packing a “greener” lunch, or a product to share…do so here.